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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

City of Olney City Council met September 9

By East Central Reporter Reports | Oct 29, 2019

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City of Olney City Council met Sept. 9.

Here is the minutes provided by the council:

AGENDA #1 “CALL TO ORDER” The September 9, 2019, meeting of the Olney City Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Olney City Hall located at 300 S. Whittle Avenue, Olney, Illinois, with Mayor Mark Lambird presiding.

AGENDA #2 “PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG-PRAYER” Council members and visitors joined in the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Steve Wingert led the group in prayer.

AGENDA #3 “ROLL CALL” The following Council members were present: Greg Eyer, Morgan Fehrenbacher, Belinda Henton, John McLaughlin and Mark Lambird. Also present were City Manager Allen Barker, City Clerk Kelsie Sterchi, City Treasurer Jane Guinn, City Engineer Mike Bridges, and City Attorney Bart Zuber.


4-A “Approve Minutes of Council Meeting on August 26, 2019”

4-B “Approve and Authorize Payment of Accounts Payable September 10, 2019” Pooled Cash $119,991.50, Manual Pooled Cash $104,193.84, Petty Cash $291.56, IMRF $26,818.93, Tourism $4,558.75

4-C “Raffle License: Olney Crush Travel Baseball”

AGENDA #5 “REMOVAL OF ITEMS FROM CONSENT AGENDA” Councilwoman Henton requested that 4-C be removed from the consent agenda.

AGENDA #6 “CONSIDERATION OF CONSENT AGENDA” Councilman McLaughlin moved to approve the items on the consent agenda, seconded by Councilwoman Fehrenbacher. A majority affirmative voice vote was received.

AGENDA #7 “CONSIDERATION OF ITEMS REMOVED FROM CONSENT AGENDA” The Raffle License Application from the Olney Crush Travel Baseball stated that they were an educational organization. Councilwoman Henton asked Mr. Zuber if he felt that a travel baseball team fell under such category. Mr. Zuber did not believe so, though he was not familiar with the structure of the organization. The Olney Crush Travel Baseball was a not-for-profit organization, though not necessarily a 501(c)3. Mr. Zuber felt it could be allowed to approve the application with the applicant as charitable.

Councilman McLaughlin was aware that many different sports clubs and teams held raffles. He was certain such organizations must fall under an appropriate category.

Mr. Zuber also offered that the team could fall under the business category based on the definition provided in the City of Olney Municipal Code.

Councilman McLaughlin had no issue approving the Raffle License Application, especially since it was for a not-for-profit, youth travel sports team.

Councilman McLaughlin moved to approve 4-C, seconded by Councilwoman Fehrenbacher. A majority affirmative voice vote was received.


8-A “Discussion/Possible Action: Authorize the City Manager to Solicit Demolition Bids for the Musgrove House” Mr. Barker reminded the Council that at the last meeting, the consensus was to move forward with the demolition of the Musgrove House. In order to do so, formal bids would need to be accepted. Mr. Barker was seeking formal action by the Council to solicit such bids.

Councilwoman Henton moved to authorize the City Manager to solicit demolition bids for the Musgrove House, seconded by Councilwoman Fehrenbacher.

Councilman McLaughlin asked if all items had been removed from the Musgrove House. Mr. Barker indicated that only the trophies yet remained.

Councilman Eyer asked if anything from the house could be salvaged. Mr. Barker replied that the Park Department Supervisor did not feel that anything could be used. Mr. Eyer pointed out that the garage doors seemed fairly new. Mr. Barker would speak with the Park Department Supervisor about the doors.

A majority affirmative voice vote was received.

8-B “Discussion/Possible Action: Select Paint Color and Lettering Font for the Olney Water Tower Recoating Project” The Council was provided with an image of proposed block lettering for the Industrial Park water tower. Mr. Barker also showed color paint cards.

Mr. Barker told the Council that the contractor would begin repainting the Industrial Park water tower in the near future. Because of this, the City would need to select a color scheme for the tank, and font for the lettering.

Councilman McLaughlin asked if there would be extra cost if the paint was not white. Mr. Bridges stated that the pricing would remain the same. However, Mr. Bridges cautioned that darker colors would show more noticeable signs of fading compared to lighter colors.

Councilmen Eyer and McLaughlin felt the tower should be painted orange with black lettering, in support of the Olney Tigers. Councilman McLaughlin added that because of the tower’s location, he felt that color choice would be appropriate. He would not be in favor of orange and black in a residential neighborhood. Councilman Eyer and Mayor Lambird agreed.

Mayor Lambird asked how badly the orange would fade. Mr. Bridges replied that orange would show signs of fading faster than white. White would also not be as noticeable.

The Brentwood water tower had recently been power washed to clean off the mold. Councilwoman Henton wondered if mold would be more noticeable on orange. Mr. Bridges told the Council that a special coating would go on top of the paint to help prevent mold, though some may still appear at some point.

Councilman Eyer asked if special lettering was included in the price of the project. Mr. Bridges confirmed. Councilman Eyer also noted that the block lettering on the photo had some white outlining. He was sure that was probably because of how the letters were superimposed onto the photo, but he wondered if the outlining could be added. Mr. Bridges felt it was possible, but would most likely alter the cost.

Councilwoman Henton was not in favor of painting the water tower orange. She felt that not all people were associated with a school or a sport, and she was concerned with the fading. Painting water towers was very expensive, and she felt that a color with better longevity should be considered. Councilman McLaughlin felt that a white water tower was boring. Councilman Eyer felt an orange and black water tower would be an attention grabber.

Councilman McLaughlin moved to have the Industrial Park water tower painted tangerine orange with black block lettering, seconded by Councilman Eyer. A majority affirmative voice vote was received.

8-C “Resolution: Authorize Sidewalk Placement on the East Side of Illinois Route 130 from W. North Avenue to W. Main Street & Placement on the West Side of Illinois Route 130 from W. Main Street to W. Parker Street” The Council was provided with a proposed resolution that would authorize sidewalk placement on the East side of Illinois Route 130 from W. North Avenue to W. Main Street, and placement on the West side of Illinois Route 130 from W. Main Street to W. Parker Street. The Council was also provided with a map of the proposed placements.

Mr. Bridges told the Council that IDOT had approved the sidewalk agreements, and design work was ready to begin. The Council would need to approve placement locations for the sidewalks.

Councilman McLaughlin wondered why the entire sidewalk could not be placed on the West side as many of the businesses were located on that side. Mr. Bridges replied that most of the population was on the East side, and that the prior fatalities occurred on the East side. Additionally, it was easier to construct on the East side from W. North Avenue to W. Main Street.

Councilwoman Henton asked about crosswalks. Mr. Bridges replied that the pedestrian signals at the intersection with W. Main Street would be upgraded to the latest ADA standards, and would be the best place to cross.

Councilwoman Henton moved to approve 2019-R-64, seconded by Councilman Eyer.

Councilman McLaughlin asked when construction would begin. Mr. Barker and Mr. Bridges felt it would still be quite some time before construction would begin.

A majority affirmative voice vote was received.


9-A “Status Report-City Manager” Mr. Barker told the Council that DNR would be doing an OSLAD grant site visit at the City Park in the near future.

9-B “RCDC Report” RCDC Executive Director Courtney Yockey was not present, so there was no report.

9-C “Chamber of Commerce Report” Councilwoman Fehrenbacher told the Council that the Bicycle Classic had taken place the prior Saturday with beautiful weather and a good turnout.

9-D “Parks & Recreation Board Report” The Parks & Recreation Board had not met, so there was no report.

9-E “Tourism Board Report” Councilwoman Henton had nothing to report.

AGENDA #10 “PUBLIC COMMENTS/PRESENTATIONS” No one from the public wished to speak.

AGENDA #11 “CLOSED SESSION: SALE OR LEASE PRICE OF REAL PROPERTY; ACQUISITION OF REAL PROPERTY; APPOINTMENT, EMPLOYMENT, COMPENSATION, AND PERFORMANCE OF SPECIFIC EMPLOYEES” Councilman McLaughlin moved to adjourn to closed session to discuss sale or lease price of real property; acquisition of real property; and appointment, employment, compensation, and performance of specific employees, seconded by Councilwoman Fehrenbacher. A majority affirmative voice vote was received.

Councilmen Eyer, McLaughlin, Councilwomen Fehrenbacher, Henton, Mayor Lambird, City Manager Barker, City Attorney Zuber, City Treasurer Guinn, and City Clerk Sterchi left the Council Chambers at 7:16 p.m.

AGENDA #12 “RECONVENE OPEN SESSION” Upon return of those who were in closed session to the Council Chambers, Councilman McLaughlin moved to enter back into open session, seconded by Councilwoman Fehrenbacher. A majority affirmative voice vote was received. Open session resumed at 7:35 p.m.

12-A “Resolution: Authorize Destruction of Closed Session Audio” No action was taken on this item.

12-B “Resolution: Authorize Release of Closed Session Minutes” No action was taken on this item.

The Council heard a presentation from Street Department Supervisor Tyler Kocher on storm sewer projects that would need to take place within the next few years. Most of the projects would be costly and should be planned for in the budgeting process. If funds allowed closer to the end of the fiscal year, some work could most likely take place off of Shurron Street. The Council then briefly discussed scopes of the work.

Mr. Barker then mentioned that the Sewer Department was needing a new computer in the amount of $1,500.00. A budget amendment would be needed, but no new appropriations. An amendment would be presented to the Council at the next meeting.

AGENDA #13 “ADJOURN” With no further business to discuss, Councilman McLaughlin moved to adjourn, seconded by Councilwoman Fehrenbacher.

The meeting adjourned at 8:23 p.m.


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