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Thursday, January 23, 2020

City of Olney City Council met May 13

By East Central Reporter Reports | Aug 14, 2019

Meeting 02

City of Olney City Council met May 13.

Here is the minutes provided by the council:

AGENDA #1 “CALL TO ORDER” The May 13, 2019, meeting of the Olney City Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Olney City Hall located at 300 S. Whittle Avenue, Olney, Illinois, with Mayor Mark Lambird presiding.

AGENDA #2 “PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG-PRAYER” Council members and visitors joined in the pledge of allegiance to the flag. John Monroe led the group in prayer.

AGENDA #3 “ROLL CALL” The following Council members were present: Greg Eyer, Morgan Fehrenbacher, Belinda Henton, and Mark Lambird. Councilman McLaughlin was absent. Also present were City Manager Allen Barker, City Treasurer Jane Guinn, City Clerk Kelsie Sterchi, City Engineer Mike Bridges, and City Attorney Bart Zuber.


4-A “Approve Minutes of Council Meeting on April 22, 2019”

4-B “Approve and Authorize Payment of Accounts Payable May 14, 2019” Pooled Cash $184,150.39, Manual Pooled Cash $112,225.49, Petty Cash $143.59, Housing Rehab Grant $21,950.00, Elliott Street Bridge $4,248.00, MFT $11,280.13, IMRF $25,822.24, Tourism $3,973.87, Christmas Light Display $3,325.00

4-C “Raffle License: VFW”

4-D “Raffle License: Rolling Thunder” 4-E “Raffle License: FOP Lodge #402” 4-F “Raffle License: City of Olney”

From the audience, a gentleman representing the VFW and the Rolling Thunder thanked the Council for approving their Raffle Licenses.

AGENDA #5 “REMOVAL OF ITEMS FROM CONSENT AGENDA” No items were requested for removal from the consent agenda.

AGENDA #6 “CONSIDERATION OF CONSENT AGENDA” Councilwoman Henton moved to approve the items on the consent agenda, seconded by Councilwoman Fehrenbacher. A majority affirmative voice vote was received.

AGENDA #7 “CONSIDERATION OF ITEMS REMOVED FROM CONSENT AGENDA” No consideration was necessary since no items were removed from the consent agenda.


8-A “Tourism Grant Request: Robbie Fulks Concert on August 10, 2019” The Council was provided with a Tourism Grant Application in the amount of $1,115.00 from Steve Patterson/Olney Arts Council and a listing of Tourism Grant information.

Mr. Patterson told the Council that Robbie Fulks was an internationally known music artist in the genre of American Roots Country. The concert would be on August 10, 2019, at the Eagles Lodge. Mr. Patterson estimated that about 200 people would be in attendance.

Councilwoman Fehrenbacher recalled that Mr. Patterson had submitted a Tourism Grant Application earlier in the year for a similar event. The request was approved at that time. The Councilwoman noted that the Tourism Grant was not designed for recurring events. She noted that the Evaluation Criteria stated that grant funds should not be used for ongoing events but should instead be used for newer events in the hopes that the event moves toward becoming self- supporting and profit making. Because of these facts, the Councilwoman was not sure that Mr. Patterson’s request for even more money for a similar event would be appropriate.

Mr. Patterson replied that the Robbie Fulks concert was going to be a larger-scale act than the Chicago Farmer concert from earlier in the year. The additional funding would allow for a farther reach. He agreed with some of Councilwoman Fehrenbacher’s concerns, and stated that this request was expected to be his last. If this event was as successful as the one earlier in the year, he expected the track record would open more doors for additional funding.

Councilwoman Henton moved to approve the $1,115.00 Tourism Grant request to Mr. Patterson/Olney Arts Council for the Robbie Fulks Concert on August 10, 2019.

Councilwoman Fehrenbacher asked Councilwoman Henton, also a member of the Tourism Board, her opinion on the request. Councilwoman Henton replied that she had no issue with the request because it was still a newer event for Mr. Patterson.

The motion to approve was seconded by Councilwoman Fehrenbacher. A majority affirmative voice vote was received.

8-B “Request: Closure of a Portion of the East/West Alley Between E. Chestnut and E. Elm Streets & S. Washington and S. Jefferson Streets” The Council was provided with a map of the alley proposed for closure. Requester Kenneth McKinney was not present. Because of this, no action would be taken on the request.

From the audience, a neighbor stated he would not have any objection to the request because it had never to his knowledge been utilized by traffic since 1995.

Councilman Eyer noted that the request was for a partial vacation of the alley. He felt it would be prudent to vacate the entire alley instead.

The Council would take no further action unless another formal request was made.

8-C “Appointment: Mayor Pro-Tem” Each year, the Council is required to select from its members at the first regular meeting in May a new Mayor pro-tem. Councilman McLaughlin was the Mayor pro-tem for the 2018/2019 year.

Mayor Lambird moved to appoint Councilman McLaughlin as Mayor pro-tem, seconded by Councilwoman Fehrenbacher. A majority affirmative voice vote was received.

8-D “Resolution: Adopt Safety Procedures Related to the Lightning Alert System in Musgrove Park” The Council was provided with a proposed resolution that would adopt safety procedures related to the lightning alert system at Musgrove Park. The Council was also provided with a listing of the proposed safety procedures.

Mr. Barker explained that Park Department Supervisor Frank Bradley had researched and created the proposed safety procedures. Councilwoman Fehrenbacher wondered if the procedures would be posted. Mr. Barker was aware that the procedures would be distributed to the various teams and leagues that utilized Musgrove Park, but was unsure about an actual posting of signage. The Council felt that the procedures should be posted on one or more signs as well as being distributed to necessary parties.

Councilwoman Fehrenbacher moved to approve 2019-R-42, seconded by Councilman Eyer. A majority affirmative voice vote was received.

8-E “Resolution: Amend the Fiscal Year 2019/2020 Budget for Capital Items Not Completed During Fiscal Year 2018/2019” The Council was provided with a proposed resolution that would amend the 2019/2020 budget for capital items not completed during the 2018/2019 fiscal year.

Mrs. Guinn explained that there were a few items that had been budgeted in the prior fiscal year, but invoices were not received in time to be paid out of the 2018/2019 budget. She and Mr. Barker recommended the budget amendments.

The proposals would amend the 2019/2020 budget for line items to read as follows: Firemen Turnout Gear $7,243.00 (Fire Department), Building Improvements $12,132.00 (Fire Department), and Burster $5,962.00 (City Clerk Department).

Councilwoman Fehrenbacher moved to approve 2019-R-43, seconded by Councilwoman Henton. Mayor Lambird, Councilman Eyer, and Councilwomen Fehrenbacher and Henton voted yes. There were no opposing votes. The motion carried.

8-F “Resolution: Accept Quote for Two Riding Lawn Mowers for the Park Department & Waive Formal Bidding Procedures” The Council was provided with a memorandum from Mr. Bradley, and a proposed resolution that would accept a quote for two riding lawn mowers for the Park Department and waive formal bidding procedures.

Mr. Barker stated that Mr. Bradley had solicited quotes for two riding lawn mowers. Three quotes were received. The first quote was from Weston’s Lawn Equipment of Lawrenceville, Illinois, in the amount of $24,318.00, the second quote was from Stanley’s Mower Repair & Sales of Olney, Illinois, in the amount of $18,200.00, and the third quote was from Alliance Tractor of Newton, Illinois, in the amount of $17,206.66.

Mr. Bradley recommended accepting the $18,200.00 quote from Stanley’s Mower Repair & Sales because the Husqvarna mowers quoted would have a Yamaha engine, were sturdier and had a deeper deck than John Deeres, and the services provided by Stanley’s Mower Repair & Sales were convenient and of high quality. Additionally, the company was a local business.

Councilwoman Fehrenbacher moved to approve 2019-R-44, seconded by Councilman Eyer. A majority affirmative voice vote was received.


9-A “Status Report-City Manager” The Council was provided with a Status Report from the City Manager. Mr. Barker had nothing additional to report.

9-B “RCDC Report” RCDC Executive Director Courtney Yockey told the Council that the Best Western Plus had opened on May 3, 2019. Additionally, CRMH would be holding a groundbreaking ceremony for their new clinic in July.

Mr. Yockey continued that RCDC would be holding its next workshop on May 23, 2019, and that this year’s Richland County C.E.O. Program was wrapping up. In the prior week, the C.E.O. Program was able to provide scholarships to students Sutton Dunn, Seth Kocher, Macy Piercefield, and Viktoria Willis.

9-C “Chamber of Commerce Report” Councilwoman Fehrenbacher reported that the Chamber Board had met on May 9th where they discussed the upcoming August 9th Golf Outing and September 7th Bicycle Classic. This month’s Chamber Luncheon was scheduled for May 21st where Deputy Moore would be speaking about A.L.I.C.E. training.

Councilwoman Fehrenbacher had also attended a meeting at the Chamber Office on May 10th with the Walldogs Steering Committee. She had learned something that she wished to share. Councilwoman Fehrenbacher stated that she had learned that the Walldogs had been around for 23 years and had transformed only 30 communities with 564 murals. She felt that Olney should be very excited to be one of those communities that the Walldogs would be visiting.

9-D “Parks & Recreation Board Report” Parks & Recreation Board Chair Morgan Henton told the Council that the Board was running a used sports equipment drive. Additionally, the Board had some vacancies and was looking for interested parties to fill those vacancies.

9-E “Tourism Board Report” Councilwoman Henton provided the Council with ILLINOISouth Digital Marketing statistics from January 2019 to March 2019. She had also attended a Tourism Board meeting in Swansea, Illinois, on April 24th. As a result of that meeting, members of the Council may be contacted about their visions for tourism over the next five years.

The Councilwoman also stated that the Spring/Summer Tourism Times publication was out, along with a new children’s coloring book. Work was currently taking place on the Fall edition of the Tourism Times and the 2020 Tourism Guide.

AGENDA #10 “PUBLIC COMMENTS/PRESENTATIONS” No one from the public wished to speak.

AGENDA #11 “CLOSED SESSION: SALE OR LEASE PRICE OF REAL PROPERTY; ACQUISITION OF REAL PROPERTY; APPOINTMENT, EMPLOYMENT, COMPENSATION, AND PERFORMANCE OF SPECIFIC EMPLOYEES; AND COLLECTIVE NEGOTIATING MATTERS” Councilwoman Henton moved to adjourn to closed session to discuss sale or lease price of real property; acquisition of real property; appointment, employment, compensation, and performance of specific employees; and collective negotiating matters, seconded by Councilwoman Fehrenbacher. A majority affirmative voice vote was received.

Councilman Eyer, Councilwomen Fehrenbacher, Henton, Mayor Lambird, City Treasurer Guinn, City Attorney Zuber, and City Clerk Sterchi left the Council Chambers at 7:17 p.m.

AGENDA #12 “RECONVENE OPEN SESSION” Upon return of those who were in closed session to the Council Chambers, Councilwoman Henton moved to enter back into open session, seconded by Councilwoman Fehrenbacher. A majority affirmative voice vote was received. Open session resumed at 7:33 p.m.

Councilwoman Henton told the Council that IDOT had provided signage for Richland County Middle School at two entrances to town in 2018. The deal was that the signs would stay up for one year. After that time, IDOT would remove the signs and recycle one of them. The other sign would be given to the City. She wondered if the sign could be given to the RCMS. The Council had no issue.

12-A “Discussion/Possible Resolution: Cancellation or Rescheduling of City Council Meeting Scheduled for May 27, 2019” The Council was provided with a proposed resolution that would cancel the May 27, 2019, Council meeting.

Mr. Barker explained that the scheduled Council meeting for May 27, 2019, fell on Memorial Day. He asked the Council if they wished to cancel or reschedule the meeting.

Councilwoman Fehrenbacher moved to approve 2019-R-45, seconded by Councilwoman Henton. A majority affirmative voice vote was received. The resolution would cancel the May 27th Council meeting. If a Council meeting was determined to be needed, proper notice would be given per OMA requirements.

Councilwoman Fehrenbacher asked for an update on the recycling drop off center. Mayor Lambird stated that he had spoken to Kenny Wilson before the Council meeting, and that Mr. Wilson was interested in attending the next Council meeting to make his intentions clear about whether or not to move forward.

Mr. Barker told the Council he had received correspondence from the Illinois Commerce Commission regarding the Whittle Avenue grade crossing upgrades. The Council had previously passed a resolution stating that the City would be willing to contribute up to $25,000.00 towards the project. Due to additional information being received, the Illinois Commerce Commission was now requesting that the City support up to $40,000.00 for the project. Overall, the estimate for signal upgrades had come in at $750,000.00 and road work at $250,000.00.

Mayor Lambird asked when the Illinois Commerce Commission would need to know the Council’s decision. Mr. Barker replied there was no deadline.

The Council was in consensus that paying $40,000.00 for a project that would be over $1,000,000.00 was a bargain.

AGENDA #13 “ADJOURN” With no further business to discuss, Councilwoman Fehrenbacher moved to adjourn, seconded by Councilwoman Henton. A majority affirmative voice vote was received.

The meeting adjourned at 7:41 p.m.


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